Become a Panzer League champion


Fight alongside your friends in action-packed 4 versus 4 matches. Choose your role and master powerful tanks with unique abilities. Gain control over strategic locations on the battlefield and lead your team to victory. Level up your tank and equip unique items that can turn the tide of battle.

Dominate the first mobile Multiplayer Online Battle Arena for Tanks!

Multiplayer action with MOBA elements


Panzer League combines the deep gameplay and infinite possibilities of MOBAs with fast-paced combat optimized for mobile devices. Play solo or coop against the AI or challenge players from all around the world.

MOBAlize now!

Upgradable tanks with unique abilities


Control more than 15 futuristic war machines, each of which with a unique style of play. Choose your role - and set the battlefield on fire, repair your allies or become invisible.
Level up your tank after a match to become even stronger for the next one. Equip powerful items that add deadly abilities or personalize your tanks with unique designs.

Experience PvP in its greatest form - Panzer versus Panzer!

Battles with strategy and teamplay


Don't just destroy your opponents, dominate them by capturing control points and research stations. Coordinate your team and make smart decisions.

Team up and gank a tank!